Thursday, January 3, 2013

Holidays are over... Sorta

For most people, the holidays came to an end yesterday. The new year is here, and life is getting back into the swing of things. For our household, "normal" will not return for a few more days.
Cameron is still out of school, and his routine is so out of whack. It is taking a physical toll on everyone. He has increasingly acted out and has become physical with all of us recently. When Cameron is expressing that he is angry, or wants us to stop whatever we are doing, he slaps..... and it escalates into self injury. At first, I figured it was because he was sick.I hope it isnt something deeper at work here. My husband and both boys were sick right before Christmas. I was the lucky one to not catch anything. Instead, I played nurse to the men of the house. You would have thought the oldest (my husband)was going to die on the spot every time he coughed too. The best thing was that I did have quite a bit of help this year with the kids. My husband stayed home through Christmas and worked light days up through the new year. It was the best non monetary thing he could have given me.
Today, when he finally headed back to do a full day of work, it was a little rough on the kidlets. Casey, my younger one, is now going through separation anxiety. Badly. If I go anywhere outside his field of vision, you can bet there will be a screaming toddler chasing me down. The same goes for daddy. It broke both boys hearts today when he snuck out the door to go to work. Along with separation anxiety, if I even so much as go to the bathroom, I come back to a disaster... Every time. For their safety, I am seriously thinking that I should cart both of them to the toilet with me.
Casey figured out a way to climb on the dining room table, and even with both parents at home this week, he managed to do it at least 5 times. The first time it happened, both Kevin and I were home, and I was able to snap a picture. Kevin is close by if it looked like he was going to go anywhere. It comes as no surprise then that today, while I was getting big brother Cameron dressed, Casey fell off of the table top. I think his saving grace was that he hit a padded chair first before tumbling onto the tile floor below. I have been beating myself up wondering what i could have done to avoid this, and for now, the only thing I can come up with is to place boxes inside the seat of every chair so he cannot use them as steps to climb up the table. Why was he up there? Food. He saw a box of cordial cherries. He had already eaten cereal, apples, puffs, a pop tart, a full 9oz skippy of milk, and 1/2 a banana within the last hour. I guess we won't be leaving any food out anytime soon either.
Cameron will say "aysee stop dat" translation: Casey stop that. He says this, then he hits. I guess he hears me telling Casey no quite a bit, and rather than recognize Casey as a name, he sees it as the phrase to say stop or no. The slapping could be a mimicking activity too... Which is scary. I have hit the coffee table to get the attention of the offending child ONCE, and only because it was a quick way to prevent an injury from across a room. I guess it only takes one time.... Or I dread saying there is a deeper issue here. I would rather blame my modeling skills than to say his physicality is stemming from anything else.
The transition out of his normal routine has also caused a more worrisome physical issue. He is once again withholding poop. Yea, I am gonna talk about poop for a moment. This kid withholds not just hard poop either. He will cross his legs and fight the urge to poop with all of is might. We. He can no longer hold it, we will see a little stain in his pull up. We wipe his butt, get him in clean pants and within 5 minutes, stained again. We have let him sit in it. Changed every 5 minutes, it doesn't make a difference to him. By the end of the day, even if I am right in top of it, he ends up with a chapped and bloody butt. There is a term they knock around for this: encopresis. I am learning that this is common with kids on the spectrum too... Sigh. I am beginning to feel like EVERYTHING is common with autism.... Anyone else? So, a call into the doc suggests regular enema treatments and miralax. This isn't our first go with his constipation. We tried dietary changes first.
For what it is worth, I cannot wait until we get back on routine.... With school, with pooping, with everything.