Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Baby Cameron and NICU

Cameron finally came, after a long induction that didn't get the job done naturally, he was cut from my belly via c section. That, in itself was a nightmare. Before maybe the last few weeks of pregnancy, I was totally ok with and "elective c section", but decided last minute that I could do it, I could go through natural birth and heal a lot quicker too. I guess when they changed out my epidural bag, or maybe when I was transported from bed to surgery table, my epi line stopped working

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pregnant with Cameron

I was not a happy pregnant lady, nor did I feel like anything like I had imagined while being pregnant. I heard about morning sickness, and that I would just have to tough it out. The swelling, the bloating, the... omg, and I am supposed to feel GREAT after squeezing this kid out from a place I have yet to understand the actual physical mechanics of how that will happen

When will motherhood happen?

Kevin and I struggled for 3 years to have a child of our own. So far, life was simple, easy, straightforward. We did what we wanted to do, and aside from our jobs, we slept when we wanted, went to social events on a whim, blew money on things we would both find silly now. I look back at those days, and I totally get it. We would need those three years to grow stronger as a couple for life's challenges ahead.  Boy, how life changes, and QUICKLY!

We started trying to have a child, and every month, I was hopeful. I charted, planned,

Autism and my Family

 The best thing any person can do nowadays is educate themselves on what autism is and is not. Once people educate themselves and recognize Autism, then life can be made a lot simpler for those who have been affected.
The number of children being diagnosed today is just astounding. 1 out of 110 children... just in boys, it is 1 in 70! * edit to add... Now it is 1 in 54! Kevin and I went through a grieving period (like most parents of newly diagnosed children do) and we felt like we had lost a child. At first, we lied to ourselves and said that he was just going through some small changes....  Day after day, we watched our loving affectionate son drift away from us and go to an unknown place.