Monday, July 23, 2012

Goodbye 2, hello 3

 Cameron is now 3. He has "graduated" from Early Intervention. What that means is that he will be going to PPCD in the Fall... or Preschool for Special Needs Children. It is done through the regular public school system, and they are required by law to offer education and preschool to those with disabilities... like Cameron. He was evaluated earlier in the summer and accepted full day, from 8 till 2:30 m-f. I couldn't be more thrilled with the school district we live in, especially when it comes to Cameron, but this IS the public school system. A lot of parents of children with special needs find homeschooling a more viable option for their children, considering all of the tests and guidelines administered thanks to government bureaucracy.

Veggie Wars

I was finally able to get Cameron to eat some sort of fruit or veggie... shhhh. He literally went over a year without ingesting so much as a pea, apple slice, or carrot... even "hidden" in his food. I tried doing the whole "juicing" thing, the pureed and hidden thing, the serve with every meal thing, hidden in sauces, or even veggie burgers. I Still served him a variety of finger food friendly veggies at every meal... breakfast, lunch dinner, snack. I tried offering him nothing but fruit and veggies for an entire day, and guess what... he didn't eat. I found some toddler meals, Chicken with Vegetables and Quinoa at Target.... omg He LOVES it. It has VEGGIES!!!! and they aren't even hidden really well. They are about $3.50 a meal, but hey, I will take it.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Insurance Debacle

 I know a lot has been said about ObamaCare and everything related to healthcare recently, and opinions have been very VERY heated. I think everyone could agree that whatever system we have now is broken (really, 12 bucks for a toothbrush in the hospital?), and there isn't a magic wand to fix it all tomorrow either. Cameron has been very VERY fortunate to get certain services for his Autism Diagnosis that have been critical to his development. As we reach a new "milestone" and he gets ready to go to Special Ed preschool in a little over a month, I look at what is offered, and other options that have scientifically proven to work that simply aren't covered by insurance.