Thursday, May 24, 2012

Year in Review Part 9

Part 9, the final review of the past year! In Feb of 2011, Cam was going twice a week to a kids day out program that helped in ways I never thought it would. One goal we were trying to work on was nap-time though. He would run back and forth banging into walls seeking that sort of stimulation. He wouldn't see kids below him and would end up stomping all over them. I would usually pick him up a few minutes into nap time and call it a day... so in essence, at first, he spent about 3 hours playing, going to music, and art. His therapists would come to the kids day out program to work with him there in the new setting too. His occupational therapist introduced him to

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Year in Review Part 8

In January, we made our annual trip to go see Kevin's mom. She lives about 9 hours away, so she doesn't get to see the kiddos often. We enjoyed some decent weather while we were down at the coast, and Cameron got to go to the ocean. Casey stuck his feet in the sand for the first time. This wasn't Cameron's first visit to the beach, but it WAS the first time

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Year in Review Part 7

For those of you just now visiting my blog for the first time, This is basically a summary of life events, regressions, achievements, about my child Cameron. He is on the Autism Spectrum. It is also a diary of sorts when it comes to my personal feelings and outlook. I wanted to do this to document our journey thus far in the hopes that this information could help at least one other family cope and deal with a new diagnosis. Hopefully, they will see the light at the end of the tunnel, they can feel that SOMEONE can relate to them and know that they are NOT alone in this journey.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Year in Review Part 6

So, now we know where we were before diagnosis up through the diagnosis, and the overwhelming grief that came with it. So, Lets just keep on trucking so we can get to happier times. :)
Cameron has his diagnosis, Casey is born, Cameron starts with his Occupational Therapist, he is introduced to PECS (more on that in a moment) and starts signing "more".  It is now around October 2011. UGH, another holiday already?

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Year in Review Part 5

Let me preface this by saying that this review is somewhat chronological, but, like any good tv show or movie, there are moments of flashback. Here is one such moment.
Cameron has his diagnosis at this point. It is the end of August. A lot has gone on in the past month. He has welcomed a new brother, turned 2, therapies have been increased, another type of therapy has been brought on board... occupational therapy. So, here's your flashback....

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Year in Review Part 4

The Evaluation.
I was scared. I was terrified that something would be "wrong" with my Cameron-Bear. See, up until this point, I thought my little prayer to God was answered and that he let my child live, but he didn't have any noticeable disabilities, so I assumed that he was "normal". I kind of felt like taking him to the psychologist was like "paying the piper". I knew he wasn't "normal". I knew he was more than JUST normal from the moment I set eyes on him.

Year in Review Part 3

July came fast. Cameron's 2nd birthday was in July, and just 3 days later, I was scheduled to go in for a scheduled c section. Our tiny little house couldn't host a true birthday party, so we found one of our favorite parks to go to. Cam is simply an outdoors kind of kid. He loves water, sand, swinging and being able to roam.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Year in Review Part 2

If you have not read part 1, please do so!
Now, onto the business of Part 2.
I was just beginning to understand Cameron's limitations. I pushed him to go to playgroups and felt like I was forcing him to be social when he could care less. I will be honest... I didn't know much about Autism... In fact, as harsh as it may sound, I kind of thought Autism was in some ways a form of mental retardation.

Year in Review part 1

Cameron is almost 3, Casey will turn 1 just a few days later.... Where did my babies go? Also, Since I am now somewhere in the realm of my "mid thirties" where did my life go?

Friday, May 4, 2012

School Time!

This week, my husband and I went on a tour of our local elementary school. As Cameron's 3rd birthday is quickly approaching, he is "aging out" of early intervention services. That means, he will lose his therapists. For a child having an Autism Spectrum Disorder, change... even the smallest change, can be overwhelming. I am terrified for him. So far, we have worked on changes...

Thursday, May 3, 2012

My baptism, questioned

     Church can become a habit if you let it. A habit with good intentions, however, it can still be just a habit. How many of us can go every Sunday, sit in the same spot, hear the sermon, walk out revitalized and feeling right with God, and then before you know it, Thursday comes rolling around and you realize you haven't done anything to listen to God, or read his words or show his love and mercy. So, you put on your nice clothing, play a part in your church, and think... If I can JUST be good enough...