Saturday, December 8, 2012

Good people still exist

In this world, we see things that can harden so many people's hearts. We also see so much that shows us that those who give without regret do exist. For instance the hot topic of the week was about a New York policeman going into a shoe store and purchasing a pair of boots for a homeless barefooted man. The officer proceeded to place these boots on this man's feet.
We later find that the homeless man was once again shoeless. A lot of people made some assumptions about this homeless man... Like how ungrateful he was. We don't know if maybe having a pair of brand new 100 dollar shoes put that man's life in danger. Let us not jump to conclusions until we have walked in this mans shoes (or lack of shoes). When the police man was told of the barefoot homeless man and that he was once again barefoot, the officer said it didn't matter to him. He helped a man keep his feet warm for at least a few minutes, and that it was the least he could do. That, my friends is humanity at its finest.
With that said, we had a wish fulfilled that is beyond measure. For those with non verbal kids on the spectrum, you will understand this completely. Kevin and I have been trying forever to get Cameron an iPad. Not for him to goof around with, but to use it as a communication device. There are some really good educational programs that developers have come up with to help those on the spectrum. We were advised early on that Cameron would be an ideal candidate for such a device. So, about Jan. of last year, we began trying to find a way to get him one. We had little money for savings, and we went through the roughest patch of our lives just paying bills. I wouldn't say we are out of the woods yet either. We got really inventive, sold furniture, consigned outgrown baby clothing and items, I picked up some extra income through babysitting, and working at a church moms day out program. As soon as the money would come in, we would get slapped in the face by life. It always got moved to the back burner, as our mortgage or medical bills came before we could honestly commit our funds to something else.
By his birthday in July, we were focused on making sure that he had decent clothing to start school in, a backpack, a nap mat, pull ups, ect. Even getting those things seemed tough to do, but somehow, we made it. God provides what you need and that is the only way I can explain how we were able to pull it off. We have never lost faith in God, even through all of our struggles recently. It also helped that I had credit at the consignment store for selling baby clothing. So, it wasn't new stuff, but I got a heck of a deal on some slightly used merchandise. Some stuff was even cheaper and in better condition than what was for sale at goodwill.
By the time thanksgiving came, I knew that the only way I was going to get Cameron an IPad any time soon was if I either hit the lotto or was a winner of one of the contests or grants that are out there. I got online and sent in application after application, filled out more contest forms than I ever even knew existed, and entered contests on Facebook. I prayed that we could come up with something, ANYTHING by Christmas, but I wasn't holding my breath over it. I figured that if I just worked harder, smarter, or something, that maybe that is what I needed to do and that God would see it through if that is what was supposed to happen.
Late on a Friday night, I got a simple message from a distant relative. She asked me how an IPad would benefit Cameron. I made the assumption that she saw my posts for trying to win contests over and over on Facebook. I sent her some info on what Cameron had already done on an IPad, and why I thought it was important for him. I also linked A video from 60 minutes on the benefits of an iPad.  I thought, maybe she will do one of those "vote" things and maybe that can help him get one. the next message I get from her is that she would like to buy my son an IPad. I literally fell off the edge of my bed. It should have been video taped. I ran though a list of things, thinking... She can't be serious, can she? I wonder if she knows how much even a used iPad 1 or a mini would cost. I can't..... I didnt expect this to happen at all.... am I facebooking  so much about this contest that it is driving her insane?
But, then I realized, yes, I can, for my son.  I can and I will accept this help. God is providing something for Cameron that he needs..... He is getting a voice. I became so overwhelmed with emotion, My husband had to make sure that I didn't hurt myself when I fell off of the bed or something. I told him of the conversation, and he too thought a while, then began weeping in joy. It was so surreal. This lady and her husband called me the following morning and informed me that the would be going to best buy to purchase the iPad for him, and if there were any specs they needed to know about. I told them ANY iPad could do the job, and thanked her over and over. they showed up to our house, with not only an iPad but a super nice and expensive case, and a top of the line ipad. Also, 50 bucks in apple cards for applications. All from a distant relative who, honestly, we HAVE passed each other in public and not known each other until later on.
I am going to pass tis blessing on too. t is the right thing to do... So maybe I am not ale to buy another child an IPad that needs one, but I can provide respite care to a mom and dad who really needs it. I am capable of that. I can make dinner for a neighbor recovering from surgery. I can teach my children in the church nursery about God. I will be inspired once again to give, and to be inventive about how I am able to give. In a way, my son's good Samaritans gave me a gift too. They warmed my heart and helped me to see that there are far more ways that I can serve others. if you can touch a life today, please don't let that opportunity pass you by.