Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pregnant with Cameron

I was not a happy pregnant lady, nor did I feel like anything like I had imagined while being pregnant. I heard about morning sickness, and that I would just have to tough it out. The swelling, the bloating, the... omg, and I am supposed to feel GREAT after squeezing this kid out from a place I have yet to understand the actual physical mechanics of how that will happen
... yea, I "get" the diagrams... but really, my body CAN do that, and my mom's DID that, and my grandmothers too... well now...
So, here I am, at around 18 weeks, fighting back my urge to puke sitting with my wonderful caring husband ready to eat some crab at the Crab Pot in Seattle... o wait... can I have crab? I have been so darn good about avoiding lunch meat unless it was heated, eating soft cheeses...even the brie at Christmas festivities that looked so VERY yummy between my bouts of hunger followed by nausea.... and not smoking, drinking, or a list of 1500 other things pregnant women shouldn't do. I do a quick search on my phone. I don't have much time. I am on a business trip and I was lucky enough to have my husband fly all the way up to visit me, although that week was the work week from HELL.
 Try working through a program your company has paid for that you THINK is gonna be a breeze, until you realize how much class you have had to miss hugging a toilet. I find out later that it might have been the food.... carbohydrate laden... and I was just a few weeks from learning that I had gestational diabetes BAD>>> To top it off, the long flight made me really really tired and made any sort of snot I had in my head migrate to my ears, where a big infection grew. I was far away from Texas, where my company had spent a few thousand dollars on me, and for what... to feel like I was on an episode of Survivor? Between the usual pregnancy crap, and maybe my 3rd ear infection EVER in my lifetime, I was not in the mood to do to much... even go to class.
We took maternity shots very early on, and I am glad. I grew so much and retained so much water, there was no way the photographer would have been able to get me up off of the ground... yes, she had me pose on the GROUND.

 Things were hard on the diabetic diet, and taking my thyroid meds, and basically stopping those midway through my pregnancy because I couldn't take it with my diabetes meds...or was it my morning sickness meds... or the stool softener, or the prenatals....or was it because I STILL had morning sickness... so bad that I busted blood vessels in my face and in my eyes.
I sorta looked like what a classic choking victim would look like, except I was vomiting so hard that I couldn't breathe. It was actually rather terrifying every day doing this. Between all of the complications and my job being in corporate hotel management/sales, I found it increasingly evident that I was going to have to leave my job. My job required me to meet with leaders and decision makers at some of the biggest local businesses, in addition to the variety of guests that would attend for special events. I saw probably on average, 30-45 people a day. I got tired of explaining my appearance. Almost every day, someone would inevitably "slip me a note" on the number to Women's protective services, or a divorce lawyer they knew. SIGH. So, Sometime in April, I made that decision to not work myself 65 hours a week any longer and to just quit... for the sake of my baby and my own health.... and my husband's health.....
This picture above is obviously not me, but this is pretty much what my face looked like for a good chunk of my pregnancy. I felt so very bad for my husband... the looks HE would get, and he is the gentlest, kindest person ever!
I had so many meds, a daily pill thing that I have only seen the elderly use would have come in really handy.  I also lost a huge hunk of one of my back molars one fine day about 25 weeks into pregnancy. So, here I was, a bloated, vomiting whale with chunks of teeth coming out of her head and blood filled eyes stuck on a diet of carrots, 1 teaspoon of peanut butter, and a container of high protein/low-carb nutrition shake for lunch. NO WONDER I hated pregnancy.
No, I am not gonna show any pictures of my horrid self past my pretty maternity shots.... until, labor.
I was induced at 39 weeks due to the diabetes... after 42 1/2 hours of contractions, pitocin, water breaking dilating to a 10 and pushing for about 2 hours, a determination was made to do an emergency c section. More on that in a future blog... but here are my last moments of pregnancy with Cameron.
I thought I did good considering...