Saturday, June 15, 2013

Autism Dads

Father's Day is tomorrow. I wanted to point out a few things that separate Autism dads from the pack, and in my eyes, makes these men the Worlds Greatest. How did I get so lucky to marry such a great guy?
Here's just some of the things that my husband does:

You get down in the floor and play with your kid the only way you know how to.
It is okay if he doesn't look you in the eye.
Instead of t-ball on the weekends, it's walking side by side during hippotherapy.
So what if he is scooting around in your 200 dollar new dress shoes? He's imitating!
You jump for joy when he talks to you or greets you at the door.
"UP" means a workout where your child is the deadweight, and you do this till you can't anymore.
You buy and set up the biggest trampoline that can fit in the yard so you can jump with him too.
You don't hide his diagnosis
You walk with him and FOR him.
Bathroom time is now community time, and you don't care if he stares you down while you go.
Sometimes he feeds you food, although sometimes I wonder where he found that cracker at...
You reach out to help other families like ours by spreading knowledge we have learned along the way
The stares in public don't seem to embarrass you any longer.
It amazes you every time our son uses a spoon to eat, and he is 4.
You work long, late hours to allow me to stay at home to work on therapy.
Weekend Activities are planned around our sons and their interests/ability
You have spent hundreds of hours reading online and in books about autism.
You are man enough to admit your biggest fears
You are a rock when I need you the most
You are involved in every aspect of your sons life.
 He is not an embarrassment, mistake, or punishment. He is a gift, and you treat him so.