Wednesday, October 10, 2012

2 steps forward, 1 step back

Cameron got his first "report card" of sorts this past week. They updated information on his IEP as far as skills mastery, and things seem to be trucking along. For now, a lot of focus is on pre academic needs. Some of this stuff may not be mastered until he is a lot older, but again, I am just amazed at what he has been able to do. He is making more noise in class, and they say he frequently says "stop it". LOL. That is pretty fitting.
I have been telling baby brother to "stop it" or "stop" quite a bit lately. Baby brother is testing his limits. I don't think that Cameron was all that bad in that stage of toddlerhood, but it could be that I just don't remember. Cameron has begun to say his brother's name, (Casey) but it is coming out like "Stacy". I think it is cute, but if he is still calling him "Stacy" in a few years, he might just get punched in the gut.
The largest improvement that we have seen is that he is getting better at following direction. I still have moments with him where he either simply can't process what I am asking him to do, or he doesn't realize that I am talking TO him. The other day, I asked him to go get his shoes and bring them to me, and he did it. That is a first... 2 step directions, here we come!
He is learning how to unscrew a jar lid with hand over hand help, has begun using a spoon at mealtimes more often, although at this point, it is still just holding a spoon while using fingers to eat.... it is an improvement nonetheless.
He has now successfully mastered taking his shoes and socks off, although a new trend has started. He is now throwing fits when he does not have socks on. What that means is that he wants socks on all of the time.... even when we try to bathe him.  I am sure this has to be sensory related, and I have tried other things to provide stimuli to his feet to no avail.... so he sleeps in his socks... not a huge thing, but just a difference.... I think I liked sleeping in my socks too, and still do it frequently as an adult, so maybe he got that little quirk from me. I just don't like the outburst he makes when I have to change his socks, or take them off for any reason.
Cameron has also mastered washing his hands and face at school. I figured this would be easy for him since he loves water, but it is still a life skill that he refused to do for the longest time. If I had not mentioned this before, he is also brushing his teeth on his own with little assistance. He chews his toothbrush to death, and we end up replacing it about once a month.... if that kid ever ends up in a place where a weapon would be needed, he can make his own shanks in just a few weeks by gnawing his toothbrush down to a fine point. :)
His door opening and closing has become extremely obsessive. He will open and close doors for HOURS if I would let him. He goes from opening the front door till I lock it to opening and slamming his bedroom door, then the oven, then a cabinet doors, closet doors, drawers in his bedroom, toys that have doors or hatches,toilet lids, the washer and dryer, refrigerator... you get the idea. I never noticed there were so many things that you opened and closed in daily life. He also does this with car doors. In fact, when I get him out of the car, he slams his door closed, opens my driver door, pulls on my blinker, then shuts my drivers side door and repeats.
I had just gotten so used to his "habit" that it affects where I park in a parking lot... I don't want him door dinging other vehicles. One of the scariest incidents of my life came this week when he was opening and closing my car door. I guess I didn't think of the dangers that exist, and would blame myself forever if something had happened. I needed to get some diaper cream since I put it in his backpack for school that morning and never got it back. They kept it there in his bin with his pull ups, but I use the cream on both boys and only had one tube... thus the need to go get another tube. I parked in the parking lot, unbuckled Cameron from his car seat, went to unbuckle Casey, and Cameron got out of the car and did his "door thing". I had Casey on my hip, and planned on holding Cameron's hand up to the door of the store until we could get a shopping cart. I called to Cameron to "go" and rather than grabbing my hand like he has done EVERY time before,  he took off laughing and running... right into the path of a large suv. He was hidden behind my car as he darted out, and if the driver had been on their cell phone, or going faster, or distracted in ANY way, there is no way they would have been able to stop in time. They stopped, honked their horn, scowled at me and Cameron just thought it was a big joke. I screamed so loud at him and in shear terror, I doubt there was a single soul in that lot that didn't notice. Cameron just giggled and didn't seem to notice the emotional turmoil I was in. I could have lost my son that night... all because I got used to his routine and made a bad judgment call. I cant win them all, but when it comes to his safety, I cannot afford to lose. I cant have a brain fart EVER... which, really, can seem impossible for ANY parent. What gets really hard is figuring out what to do when these "fearless" kids are big... like bigger than you. I had better learn how to tackle like a linebacker.... I am sure at some point, it will come in handy.