Monday, July 23, 2012

Goodbye 2, hello 3

 Cameron is now 3. He has "graduated" from Early Intervention. What that means is that he will be going to PPCD in the Fall... or Preschool for Special Needs Children. It is done through the regular public school system, and they are required by law to offer education and preschool to those with disabilities... like Cameron. He was evaluated earlier in the summer and accepted full day, from 8 till 2:30 m-f. I couldn't be more thrilled with the school district we live in, especially when it comes to Cameron, but this IS the public school system. A lot of parents of children with special needs find homeschooling a more viable option for their children, considering all of the tests and guidelines administered thanks to government bureaucracy.
Often times, the "guidelines" and tests fail to harness the strengths of a child, and focus on weakness only. I hope this doesn't hinder Cameron's ability to learn and grow any more than his Autism does already. We will give it a shot though. I was impressed with the level of caring each one of his early intervention therapists was able to provide. It has already been a weird week without visits.... I have "open time" in my schedule that feels so very weird. In addition to the school district, I am looking at private therapy options for outside of the classroom. I have to figure out what, exactly our insurance will cover. We just got on board with United Healthcare, so I called our regular family pedi since we are on an HMO plan. We have to use a primary care physician before any referrals can be made to see specialists or get the care he needs.

Our Pedi can't get us in until Aug 20th. Seriously. I don't think they understand the gravity of the situation here. I see the pedi, he writes a referral, then it is 3 to 5 months to see the specialist, THEN they write out orders for therapy. It will be christmas before we can get in to see a therapist outside of school, and right now, he is at an age where EVERY hour of therapy is VITAL. I am not joking, either. The earlier he gets on the therapy bandwagon again, the better off his overall outcome for life is. It is THAT freaking serious. I am thinking of just calling the pedi's office and seeing if they can squeeze him in as a "sick kid". Welcome the world of insurance and medical system... at least it isn't like Canada... they MIGHT have a specialist to see him before he turns 5 : / .

On a brighter note, We went up to Amarillo and got some pictures done by a friend who is starting up a photography biz. Eventually, she is looking to use this as an income source so she can do things with her own baby boy more often, but still pay the bills. We had fun, although, it was blowing 25 mph in an open field full of loose soil and was around 90 degrees outside by the time we got there. Considering the subjects, and the other factors, I thought she did good. This picture above is my favorite of Cameron. She also did one for Autism Awareness that I think is outstanding. Someone had tied yarn of all colors between two of the Cadillacs, and Cameron could have played with the strings for literally HOURS.

Soon, we will have our Family birthday pool party, which I am so excited about. We rented out a pool, and the owners have a son who is on the severe side of the spectrum. They have a swing set and slides... We took Cam to it one time before, and he LOVED it. That party is coming up in less than 2 weeks! YAY!
Goodbye 2, Hello 3. My birthday wish is to let God take over and to let the Holy Spirit fill me with the strength I will need to conquer this next year and all of its challenges.