Saturday, May 19, 2012

Year in Review Part 8

In January, we made our annual trip to go see Kevin's mom. She lives about 9 hours away, so she doesn't get to see the kiddos often. We enjoyed some decent weather while we were down at the coast, and Cameron got to go to the ocean. Casey stuck his feet in the sand for the first time. This wasn't Cameron's first visit to the beach, but it WAS the first time
he stuck his feet in the ocean . Crazy kid! We ate at some of the local eateries, and had a great time. It has been the closest to a vacation we have come since having children. Eventually, we will have enough saved at some point to take the kids to Disney... lets just hope it is before they hit their 20's!

I love my beach bums! Weather was in the low 70's, but Cameron insisted in chasing the waves, and his clothing got soaked....might as well let him strip down to his diaper and go to town!  HAHA! Crazy kid!
We started doing some hippo-therapy for Cameron. It was at an outdoor arena, so it was subject to weather conditions. It was hit or miss, but I could tell a huge difference in how he behaved and   his communication on the horse was pretty good too. Yes, he is riding the horse without a saddle, and flipped backwards. How cute is this???

We also started to see a language explosion of sorts. He said mamma when he was hurt or really upset still, but he said dada and started signing the word "more" for everything. We also worked on the sign for "go" on the horse with occasional usage. Another thing we got him was a mirror. I had it mounted on his wall... well, what ended up being temporary, but we would go into his room and stack his stacking cups and I could get him to mimic me in the mirror. Check this little video out. He is doing so VERY well and has come so far in just a short while. We also started taking him to a Kids Day Out Program twice a week at a local church/school. I cannot tell you how very thankful I am to find a program that can help us! The majority of children are "normal" and Cameron has thrived there.

Also, I wrote the first thing in reference to the whole Autism thing. I sent it to my pastor, posted it on my facebook, read it at a parent education group  (yea, in front of people!!!) and also, you can find it on my blog. It is the VERY first post as I started this blog in In Feb. I realized then, that I had a real need to write all of this down. I felt like  it was time for me to open up... for me to write all of this down, and time for me to start being an advocate. I didn't know of many other parents with kids on the spectrum. I had been to a few support group meetings, but I met no one with a child even close to Cameron's age. In fact, the first group I went to, a few moms were talking about their grown children and behaviors... I couldn't handle that, and I wasn't at a place where I could even cope with the idea that my son would live with me until I died. I figured there had to be a better way for these moms dealing with a new diagnosis. I felt like the way I went through it was not the way it "had" to be. I can honestly say that shortly after I came out of my depression haze and got down in the floor, laughed, and had fun with him was when he made the most progress.... I could have paid for all of the therapies and specialists in the whole wide world. What that kid needed was his momma. He wants so badly to please me and hug and laugh. So, I work every day to let him know that he has the love of his mother and father. When he is running around in a restaurant like a crazy nut laughing and screeching, I think I will just let him be... If other people have a problem with my kid being a kid... so what? Not my problem. Ham it up my little man!