Thursday, May 10, 2012

Year in Review Part 3

July came fast. Cameron's 2nd birthday was in July, and just 3 days later, I was scheduled to go in for a scheduled c section. Our tiny little house couldn't host a true birthday party, so we found one of our favorite parks to go to. Cam is simply an outdoors kind of kid. He loves water, sand, swinging and being able to roam.

He had no clue what was in store for him in only 3 days. The night before his brother's birth, he stayed with my parents. We went in at 5 am to get all hooked up, and we welcomed our second son, Casey into the world. Things were so much... so so so much easier. I got an IV in, had a spinal, got prepped, and went back at 7:30,by 8 am we had baby! They let me hold him and nurse him in recovery. Although I was puking and nursing for the next 4 hours. Lets just say the anesthesia really DID work this time, and I would much rather be puking than to feel the pain I did during my c section with Cam. 

Cam saw his brother for the first time when he was wheeled out by my husband and passed by the visitors station. All friends and family can see the baby before he is shipped off to the nursery while I get sewn up. Cam was less than impressed. He got to stay the next 2 days with my parents and I guess he felt sort of out of his element. He came up to the hospital a few times, but he wanted me to pick him up... a BIG no no after a c section. I wondered how I was going to do it after surgery. Day 3 in the hospital, I was ready to bail. I could have stayed for 1 more day, but I wanted to go. The bed wasn't comfortable, and I really wanted to be at home. I called to tell my parents that I was discharged, and before I even got there, they had unlocked my house, unpacked all of Cam's things and were counting down the moments before my arrival.I got Casey out of the carseat and placed him in the swing. Here is "first contact" between the siblings... just he two of them, no parent holding one or the other... Pretty positive reaction if you ask me. I was one proud and blessed momma! Only a few weeks later, we would take him to be evaluated.