Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Year in Review part 1

Cameron is almost 3, Casey will turn 1 just a few days later.... Where did my babies go? Also, Since I am now somewhere in the realm of my "mid thirties" where did my life go?

So, May of 2011, where were we as a family and how far have we come? Yea, I know a lot of people do this on new years or something, but since everyone in the Dyer household has birthdays pretty much in the same month, I figured.. whatever... lol.. you get the point.
1 year ago, Cameron was evaluated by the early intervention psychologist. He failed his mchat test in 3 of 5 critical areas. We were told that we couldn't get an official diagnosis through her, but that yes, we needed one done. We were given a list of names, but at the time, my husband had JUST left his previous job of 7 years, I was 7 months pregnant and COBRA cost more than our mortgage just to cover ME. We paid Cobra on me, he went uninsured, and we purchased a temporary "disaster policy" on Cameron..... which, didn't really cover anything until you spent 10,000. Since a proper eval could cost upwards of 500 dollars, we opted to wait a while until we could get on  his new company's insurance. It would be Aug. by the time we actually got the eval. 
My pregnancy was trucking along. I had many of the same symptoms I had with Cameron, but they were MUCH milder. No gestational diabetes YAY! I actually kind of liked being pregnant this time around.
Being this big and pregnant in the summer is never fun, but compared to last time, I couldn't complain too much. 

Cameron was becoming increasingly angry over some of the smallest things. He would wake up in the morning screaming at the top of his lungs wanting his milk sippy. After that, it could be the fact that his favorite show, Yo Gabba Gabba, wasn't playing. Or maybe it was the fact that he wanted cheerios. It was a weird game of charades almost every day, all day long, but this charades player would flap his arms in the air and scream and expect you to understand that it meant "milk".  It was so hard to judge or read what he wanted... he only communicated through screaming. and more screaming. I am pretty sure people who passed my house and my close neighbors thought I beat that kid all day long. That was FAR from the truth. I didn't know how to discipline the child at all. "NO" didn't work... Time outs certainly wouldn't phase him...he'd just go off to his own world.... a pop on the bottom, and I am not sure he could understand why he would get a spanking. : / Frankly, I was out of ideas. What evolved was a form of positive reinforcement and removal from negative behaviors. I pick my battles, and yea, I get a lot of flack from family and friends. "he's gonna turn into a spoiled brat", "you let him run YOUR life", ect. Guess what? Yea, I do let him get away with murder. Because at LEAST he is moving towards the right direction when it comes to communication. All the disciplinary issues can be worked on once COMMUNICATION is strong enough. When your child is delayed, people see a toddler, who can be a typical toddler in certain areas, but he is delayed to a 6 month old on the communication end of things... No one would ever suggest that I actually spank a 6 month old, would they?
  It kind of like trying to cook dinner on the stove without turning the burner on first. You can stir and stir, but without that heat, not much else is gonna happen. At this point in May, he was occasionally and sporadically looking us in the face, no sign language, although he had been introduced. He loved bubbles. So, we popped bubbles and said "bubbles" and "pop" over and over in the hopes that he would copy or mimic us... sigh. His food issues were getting a lot harder to work around. I was realizing at that time that he refused to eat fruits and veggies of any sort. Spaghetti became something I could "hide" a bit of veggie pureed. It worked great... for a while.Haircuts were a nightmare just trying to take him to some place to get it done. I ended up there for the summer just shaving his head at home with some clippers while restraining him in his booster seat and yo gabba gabba playing. You do what you gotta do, but 1 shave lasted MONTHS before his hair got too unruly.