Sunday, September 2, 2012


Cam started school this past week. All I can say is that he is doing new things already. He is wiping his own face with a napkin, chattering more and more, signing much more than he ever has, and takes naps at school. Seriously... naps at school... long naps. They also tell me he is eating most things, but they are having to feed him. He is also playing with forks and spoons a lot more. He began taking a fork, poking it on his plate and putting it to his mouth, although the fork has no food on it, It is such a big

 start. He handled the change to school quite well, and
I totally think that the Kids Day Out program had everything to do with it. He was cooperative and friendly every day this past week, and the ratio is at 2 kids to 1 teacher or aide AND an OT, Speech Therapist,or Physical therapist floats between all of the age groups with special needs at the school. I could not be happier. The other day, they basically had 1 on 1 instruction for 3 hours straight... how awesome is that?
  His regular pedi appointment went great too. I talked to him also about shots for my younger one, and I asked to wait on a few until he got a little older... He was cool with it. My reasoning is to only give 1 live virus immunization at a time, so the body wont become overwhelmed when combating multiple diseases at once.  Most children handle group vaccinations well, but there are some, who, for whatever reason, could benefit from a more personalized approach with a more spaced out scheule. That is why, even the cdc says 12mo-18 mo on the MMR and 12 mo. to 18 months on Varicella.  Cam is now in the 50th percentile for weight and his height is hovering around 90th percentile. He has always been tall, but it is great to know he is getting some meat on his bones, or maybe he is averaging out....: / He is tall to me, but it looks like he is still on the thinner boned side compared to his classmates... he is the youngest of them all though. He is basically the only "new" kid in his class, which helps, because the children there already know the "routine" of the day, and he has learned to "follow the pack".

Tuesday, we meet with the Developmental Pedi. She was my original choice when it came to seeking out medical help, but she didn't take our old insurance carrier. Now that we have a new provider, she is covered...whew. We found out though, from others that have seen her that she is pretty conservative with a diagnosis of autism. From what we have heard, she usually doesn't go beyond saying "developmentally delayed" until after age 3 anyway. This appointment isn't a re-evaluation, since he already has his mental diagnosis, but rather, a medical approach to his existing status. He has come so far in a year already, and I am very interested to see what she has to say. On another note....

The boys had a blast at their birthday party, and I am so happy we did it at the venue we used. It was perfect for them, and they enjoyed the swimming so much. A lot of family came and a few other friends. No one came from his Kids Day Out program though. I gave out 70 invites to the KDO, and invited everyone from the program.... might as well!  It was probably a combination of a bad day and it being one of the last weekends of the summer. The church had a youth camp that was returning just hours before the party, so I know a lot missed if they had older siblings, or the parents helped out with the camp. The people that did show up seemed to have a great time, so did my boys!

Kevin and I are officially back to bed sharing with Cameron. He used to LOVE going to sleep at night, but not any more. He needs to be brushed on his head lightly, or stroked along his jawline to calm down,and once he is calm, it is pretty easy for him to sleep a good 10 hours if we let him. If you pick him up to carry him to bed, he flips out... or if you try to sneak out of his bed, you will find a familiar face staring you down in the dark at 3 am. I am hoping that this is something we can solve through sensory input, but hopefully, we can come up with a solution soon.
I would like a full nights rest without his head or feet firmly implanted in my ribcage..... and as silly as it sounds, I think it is very important for hubby and I to have our snuggle and pillow talk without a child in our bed. It is hard enough for parents to stay connected and be something other than "mom" or "dad" when they have kids, but when you have a child that requires a parents attention 24/7, it is tough. Ask the mom of a newborn! Luckily, newborns eventually grow up, and HOPEFULLY, this is all just a phase... a phase we are revisiting, but still.... searching for the light at the end of the tunnel!