Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Insurance Debacle

 I know a lot has been said about ObamaCare and everything related to healthcare recently, and opinions have been very VERY heated. I think everyone could agree that whatever system we have now is broken (really, 12 bucks for a toothbrush in the hospital?), and there isn't a magic wand to fix it all tomorrow either. Cameron has been very VERY fortunate to get certain services for his Autism Diagnosis that have been critical to his development. As we reach a new "milestone" and he gets ready to go to Special Ed preschool in a little over a month, I look at what is offered, and other options that have scientifically proven to work that simply aren't covered by insurance.
These include Hippotherapy, Applied Behavior Therapies, just to name a few. Parents of these special children will give up homes, marriages, cars, retirement accounts, heirlooms, stocks, savings... whatever they can because they know that whatever they do in the early years could mean the difference between a functioning and happy member of society to one that simply never will enjoy life or have that chance to change the world. How sad is it that the system is so broken that these wonderful souls are simply ignored? This hurts my heart in ways unimaginable. Whatever comes of this whole healthcare debacle, I want every senator, congressman, governor, insurance company, lobbyist, special interest group to know this: These children are brighter, stronger, and more capable than we can even fathom. They are the world's diamonds sitting just underneath a layer of silt. It really is in the nations best interest to sweep off the dirt and cultivate the minds of these children. The greatness they could bring our nation is exponential. Stop being the backhoes that are burying these kids alive.